Paid Short-term Canvassing Opportunity

Posted On 16 January, 2020

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Faith in the Valley and Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability will be leading a coordinated canvass campaign throughout the month of February to engage new and infrequent Fresno voters in non-partisan outreach/education for the Fresno Mayoral election on March 3rd.

This paid canvassing opportunity includes education on the new voting centers system through the Voters Choice Act as well as this election’s critical importance to the issues our organizations and communities have long been focused on, including affordable housing, land use, gun violence prevention, police accountability, and others.

The effort will involve hiring a team of 10 paid canvassers, who would be walking four afternoons (during the week) per week until March 3rd. Pay is $15/hour and full training on the technology, script, etc. will be provided.

Interested individuals may reach out to Andy Levine (andy) and/or Veronica Garibay (vgaribay).

Written by Kelvin Alfaro

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