Gandhi’s Global Legacy International Conference, Thursday & Friday, 10/10-10/11/2019 at Fresno State

Posted On 8 October, 2019

The Gandhi Global Legacy Conference will take place at Fresno State on Thursday and Friday, October 10 & 11.
See attached poster and program.

All students are encouraged to attend, particularly the highlighted sessions with:
Ramsey Jay Jr. (October 10, 3 pm)
Rev. James Lawson (October 10. 6 pm)
Dolores Huerta (October 11, 9 am)
Nipun Mehta (October 11, 4:15 pm)

The two-day international conference at California State University, Fresno celebrates Mahatma Gandhi’s life and legacy through
intellectual analyses, art exhibitions, and a Classical Indian Music concert.

The main objective of this event is to explore Gandhi’s global impact and the relevance of his philosophy and methods for confronting our current challenges.

How would Gandhi approach our modern issues of social and economic inequity, racism, international and domestic terrorism,
environmental crisis, and demoralization? What can we learn from his philosophy, strategies, and his missteps as we move forward?

Gandhi’s Global Legacy Conference-CAH_Gandhi Program October 2, 2019.pdf


Written by Kelvin Alfaro

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