Time to find new funders!

Posted On 12 September, 2019

Share with your networks. This is the same feature set that Foundation Center (Candid) offers. Now with Grantseeker, not only can you mange all your grant applications and grant writing process from one central place, but now you can also find new finders to apply to based on finders you’ve applied to before or similar finders to an agency you know.

Introducing Grantseeker Prospecting beta. Start finding new funders today!

Hi Kelvin,

We are thrilled to announce Grantseeker Prospecting beta is now live!

Here is what you will be able to do:

  • Search for organizations that funded initiatives similar to yours in your region
  • Access detailed information such has funding history, website and address, key people and more on potential funders that you think are the right fit
  • Save prospects and easily find them later

Remember, you are one of a limited number of users who have access to this feature which will be available in beta for one month, starting today.

As part of your participation in the beta, we request your active and prompt feedback when we ask for it in the app and via email.

Ready to start prospecting?

Find funders now!

With love from San Francisco,

Your friends at Fluxx

PS – You can always use the “Feedback” tab in Grantseeker to send us your comments or contact us here if you have questions or need help. Don’t be shy!

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