Humanics Fall 2019 Professional Development Retreat, August 24 & 25

Posted On 13 August, 2019

Dear Fresno State Humanics Alumni,

You are INVITED TO PARTICIPATE in the Fall 2019 Humanics Professional
Development Retreat at Camp El-O-Win, Saturday, August 24 & Sunday, August

You won’t want to miss this experience.

This year’s retreat is sponsored by our collaborating partner, *Arete
Consultants LLC*, and will *feature professional development
programming* prepared
and facilitated by the following consultants:

Mark Ford

Julie Bourk-Suchman

Dan Garza

Mark Winkler

*Day one* will focus on defining mindsets and skill sets for accountability
and resolving conflict, while *day two* focuses on effective processes and
tools for successfully leading team projects. Participants will personally
reflect on their individual leadership styles and develop personal goals
for improvement. *Each session will be highly interactive and focused on
experiential learning with applications to your lives as professionals.*

To RSVP, click here:

*For meals, let us know ASAP if you are a vegetarian or have any food
allergies so accommodations can be made (email Jane Martin at *
** <>* and cc *
** <>* by 1 pm on Wednesday,

We are looking forward to an exciting weekend of team-building, project
orientation, networking, and fun.

Dr. Jendian & Dr. Simmons

P.S. Each participant (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) must fill out
a release of liability.

Basic Info:

45 minute drive from Fresno/Clovis

– Take Hwy 168 East to Dinkey Creek Road. Turn right.
– Stay on Dinkey Creek Road for about 12 miles.
– When you see the orange target painted on a rock, you are close to our
– The road bends to the left and you will see a 35 mph sign (white with
black numbers).
– Our dirt road is just ahead on the right.
– The road forks right away – stay left.
– When the road forks again – stay left.
– The next fork is our road straight ahead and the main dirt road bends
hard to the right.

If you miss our road you will go uphill. Remember you are working your way
down to the river so if you go uphill, turn around.

– Camp is straight down this road. There is a road to the left but do
not turn.
– You will go through our gate and will pass some cabins. When you get
to the large building, the dining hall & kitchen, STOP for check-in.
– There is a bathroom at the parking lot (looks like an outhouse but we
call it a BIFFY – Bathroom In Forest For You). It has an RV type toilet
so it flushes by stepping on a foot pedal and holding it down (water shuts
off as soon as you remove your foot).
– After checking in, please drive slowly *(5 mph)* to your assigned
unit, unload and move cars back to the main parking lot past the Dining

Camp is at 5,500 feet so nights are in the 30’s while days are in the 80’s.


· a towel

· basic toiletries (toilet paper is provided)

· bring insect repellent–mosquitoes could be an issue

· VERY casual attire–the night is much cooler (sweatshirt/long pants)

· warm pajamas and a sweatshirt

· a water bottle

· an OBJECT that reflects your personality (NOT a photo!)

· paper and pen to take notes

· a sense of discovery and a “work to win” attitude!

*Sleeping Items*

· sleeping bag and blanket unless bag is very warm (if no bag, a
bedroll made from several blankets can be used)

· small pillow (optional)

*Shoes and Socks* must be worn by everyone – including adults. *No sandals,
shoes must be enclosed toes and heels.*

NOTE: Because El-O-Win is down in a valley, cell phones RARELY or almost
never work at camp and there is NO WiFi available.

*Snacks and Food:*

Camp El-O-Win will provide all meals and snacks. Please DO NOT bring
personal snacks, gum, etc. The goodies attract furry food lovers that are
more messy and destructive than cute. Having food in the tents or cabins
puts all campers in a risky situation. Make sure group snacks are secured
with other food items in bear boxes by the campsite.

Hope the semester starts off well for you all! 🙂

HUMANICS@FresnoState Fall 2019 Retreat Agenda at Camp El-O-Win


1:00-1:30 pm: Check In/Get settled in Cabins or Tents/Explore Facilities
and Retreat Site/Meet Fellow Scholars & Alumni

1:30 pm Opening Session (Dining Hall): Who is here? Why are we here?

2:00 pm Professional Development Training (Session I): “Working
Effectively in Teams: Engagement, Conflict, & Accountability”

5:30 pm Dinner

6:30 pm Nature Walk

7:30 pm Humanics Jeopardy

8:30 pm Campfire (What object did you bring that reflects your


7:30 am RISE & SHINE


8:30 am Morning Nature Walk

9:15 am Professional Development Training (Session II): “Project

12:00 pm LUNCH; Discuss Mentor Project & Roles of Mentors/Coaches

1:30 pm Fundraising for Humanics@FresnoState (development team)

Challenging yourself—Comfort Zone vs. Learning Zone (Dr. J)

Team Communication & Team Charters (Dr. S)

Scope of the Projects (Dr. S)

Fall 2019 Calendar Dates to Remember

Making the most of your membership in the Association of Fundraising
Professionals (AFP) Collegiate Chapter

AFP Conference 2020 (Baltimore, MD, March 29-31, 2020)

2:30 pm Reflections on the Retreat and Final Thoughts


3:00 pm Hike or Swim on your own (See you back in Fresno)

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