Central Southeast Specific Plan Upcoming Meeting Dates

Posted On 25 July, 2019

The Central Southeast steering committee will be reconvene to make key
recommendations for the specific plan: namely to review the proposed land
use changes and to prioritize the goals and strategies that will be used as
the core elements of the plan.

Two steering committee meetings are currently planned, with the potential
of two additional meetings if needed.

The meetings will be held at the Sal Mosqueda Community Center in the main
auditorium from 6-8 pm. The meeting dates are below:

o Steering Committee Meeting on Land Use Map: *Tuesday July 30th*

o Steering Committee Meeting on Goals and Strategies: *Tuesday August

o Open House on Land Use Map and Goals and Strategies: *Tuesday August

o Potential Additional Steering Committee Meetings (if needed):

§ *Tuesday August 6th *

§ *Tuesday August 20th*

The meetings will function a bit differently this round. To ensure
transparency at this stage of the planning process, all of the meetings
will be held in the large auditorium and the committee will sit in front of
the public during its deliberations. There will be chairs set up for the
public to watch and time will be made to provide public comment.

Attached are the current land use map and a map with the proposed land use
changes. A table accompanies it that identifies the current land use and
proposed changes. The proposed land use changes support what was proposed
with the big ideas map (attached). The changes are very limited and are
intended to most effectively implement the opportunities presented in the
big ideas map. More information on each land use can be found here
< library.municode.com/ca/fresno/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=MUCOFR_CH15CIDECOINRE_PTIIBAOVDI>.

Please share these meetings with your networks. These are key steps in the
development of the Specific Plan and will require consensus from a broad
range of stakeholders to see it become a reality.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to me. I
look forward to seeing you all soon.

*Drew Wilson*


City of Fresno

Planning and Development Department

(559) 621-8087


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