Student Debt Help Workshop, Wed, June 12, 6 pm

Posted On 5 June, 2019

California Student Debt Help Workshop to educate borrowers about their
rights and ways to take local action to end the student debt crisis.

You are invited to our *California Student Debt Help Workshop
on Wednesday, June 12th, at 6 pm PST.

collected pertinent materials specifically for California’s student loan
borrowers. *This workshop was made just for you and your community*

*RSVP HERE: California Student Debt Help Workshop to educate borrowers
about their rights and ways to take local action to end the student debt

Here is a preview of what we will cover on Wednesday’s online workshop:

*How to find information about your loans*

*Affordable income-driven repayment plans*

*Loan forgiveness for public servants, teachers, and more*

*Opportunities to make a difference here in California*

In just the past few weeks, the California student loan situation has
changed drastically. We are on our way to establishing a *Student Borrowers
Bill of Rights
Legislators have also proposed other bills that would ease the burden for
students and borrowers across the state.

With everything that is happening here, we want to make sure you have the
knowledge to navigate your student loans through these changes. *You won’t
want to miss this opportunity to learn about your repayment options; RSVP
before it’s too late!

team at Student Debt Crisis is made up of students, borrowers, and allies –
just like you. As always, our workshops are completely free of charge. The
right to this information is yours. *We aim to keep it that way!*

*Save your seat now. RSVP here for Wednesday’s workshop!

your support, we are able to make a difference in California and we can be
the nation’s example of what a reformed student loan system should be.

We want you to know that every letter sent, every like or share on social
media, and every dollar donated helps make change possible – and that power
comes from you.

Thank you,

*See you on the June 12th workshop!

Sabrina and the Student Debt Crisis Team

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Student Debt Crisis
is a people-powered advocacy organization with over 1 million supporters.
We are committed to making education free and saving families from the
crushing burden of student debt.

We are borrowers helping borrowers. Student Debt Crisis not affiliated in
any way with the Department of Education or any other state or federal
government agency. We are not attorneys or financial counselors and are not
offering legal or financial advice.

*Contributions to Student Debt Crisis are not deductible for federal income
tax purposes.

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