Seeking changemakers for FUSE fall fellowships!

Posted On 12 June, 2019

From helping government agencies use data to improve services to addressing
racial inequities and more.

*Be a Changemaker*

We are excited to announce the official launch of fall 2019 fellowships!
We’re looking for passionate changemakers around the country who are ready
to leverage their expertise to make a positive impact in communities.

FUSE executive fellows will be tackling challenges in a wide range of issue
areas, from helping to reduce poverty to addressing racial inequities to
increasing engagement with communities. These are some of the projects:

In *Washington D.C.*, a fellow will have the opportunity to help families
overcome the challenges that lead to child welfare intervention
by developing integrated support systems. Another fellow will work to increase
trust and engagement with residents in underserved communities
identifying needed services and creating a delivery program.

In *Los Angeles County*, the Chief Information Office, which offers data
expertise to agencies that address justice reform, homelessness, healthcare
services, and more, will work with a fellow to develop a sustainable
business model for its operations and create a brand and marketing campaign
to increase awareness of its capabilities

*L.A. County* is also partnering with FUSE on five more fellowships. Two
are with the county’s Department of Health Services, where fellows will help
improve operations by developing a system-wide succession plan
and a return-to-work staffing management model
The other fellowships focus on optimizing outreach about the federal Earned
Income Tax Credit to help reduce poverty
supporting and promoting immigrant communities
and leveraging technology to enhance the capabilities of the county’s
Probation Department

In the city of *Los Angeles*, the Office of Finance will work with a fellow
to develop new strategies for recruitment and retention
not only to bring in qualified employees, but also to build a pipeline
within the department of leaders who feel a sense of stewardship over the
city and its finances.

*Oakland* seeks to improve residents’ safety through more efficient
building inspections and better enforcement of building codes. To that end,
a fellow will help employ software solutions that can support code
enforcement and make pertinent safety information available to the public
The city is also bringing on a fellow to help plan and implement a rental
so policymakers can address housing issues, such as illegal rent increases
and evictions, more readily. In nearby *San Jose*, another fellow will help
the city address racial inequities in its government agencies

The California counties of *Riverside* and *San Bernardino* are working to
create better quality local jobs for residents by partnering with a FUSE
fellow to oversee the development of their Opportunity Zones

In the coming weeks, we expect to post more fellowship opportunities in
cities across the country. If you don’t see a current opportunity that is
aligned with your experiences and interests, we encourage you to fill out
our *General Application*
FUSE has a rolling process for reviewing and selecting finalists once
projects go live. Apply now so that we can consider you for future projects
that may be a fit.

– *Learn more about all of the projects **here*
– *For specifics on FUSE fellowships, check out our **FAQs*
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As we move to a two-cohort model, this year marks the launch of FUSE’s new
spring fellowship, a distinguished cohort of *10* who recently began their
fellowship with a week-long orientation session in St. Louis.

Located in *Pittsburgh*, *Oakland*, *City and County of Los Angeles*, *St.
Louis*, and *San Jose*, these fellows are taking on challenges such as
smart city strategies, community policing, seniors’ services, and bringing
Wi-Fi to underserved communities.

We welcome the new spring cohort, who bring the total number of FUSE
fellows and alums to *144* across the country.
*Recent Stories*
*Here’s How Long Beach Is Working to Ensure Every Resident Is Counted in
the 2020 Census*

Collaboration and community trust are key.

*Fewer Emissions, Cheaper Energy: San Jose Forges Ahead Toward a
Sustainable Future*

San Jose strives to improve the health and lives of its community.
*St. Louis Tackles Pretrial Reform*

Rethinking a system to improve equity and decrease the jail population.
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*FUSE Corps
a national nonprofit that partners with local government agencies on a
range of issues, including economic and workforce development, healthcare,
public safety, climate change, and education. FUSE’s approach centers
around a year-long executive fellowship program, which embeds fellows with
city and county agencies in order to help address pressing challenges. FUSE
fellows help to craft new policy, roll out new public services, and improve
existing programs in order to better serve communities.
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