Net Impact Conference

Posted On 29 October, 2018

I had the fortune of being sponsored by the Fresno State Humanics Program to go to the Net Impact Conference in Phoenix, AZ.  The flight was an easy process, and I brought a small bag of three outfits and toiletries.

The conference started off hectic.  There was an overwhelming amount of people, approximately 1,600.  Yer Vang and I entered the first session on the first day, Thursday, October 25th.  The hosts opened with the Chapter Leader Session Part One and minimally explained the purpose of the program.  Several peers were MBA students, and it was definitely more of a business program than it was a community-based program. 

The most notable speaker was Stephen Ritz, who is an agricultural educator.  He made it onto the cover of the New York Times and has met Oprah and Obama.

All in all, the experience itself was all right.  It didn’t teach me much, and I was honestly kind of disappointed with the lack of knowledge of diversity.  They spoke a lot about “sustainability” but never took the moment to articulate their purpose, which was very confusing.  Thankfully, the flight process back home was pleasant.  I’m glad to be back home.

Written by Belle Vang

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