Community Engagement Opportunities for SW Fresno planning

Posted On 22 October, 2018

The Fresno Housing Authority is launching a series of committees in
southwest Fresno on Wednesday, 10/31.
Anyone interested in housing can learn from and contribute to this process.
Explanation of each committee is attached and below.

The Steering Committee is a cohort of public and private agencies,
organizations, and individuals that will guide the transformative plan,
including its governance strategy for long-term accountability and secure
commitments to investment into the Southwest Fresno neighborhood. This
committee will identify strategies for building upon and leveraging
existing neighborhood efforts and assets.

The Community Advisory Committee will act as consultants to the planning
process. They provide diverse expertise on issues relevant to the Southwest
Fresno community, including education, health, economic development, job
training, and housing development.

The People Committee will plan for supportive services that will improve
access to high quality education programs and improved academic and
developmental outcomes for children via the cradle-through-
college-to-career solutions. This committee will partner with the necessary
agencies and organizations to develop a viable financing plan to implement
this component.

The Neighborhood Committee will plan for neighborhood-level improvements
across the range of Neighborhood Assets. This planning processes will align
with currently operating activities in the neighborhood by both Fresno
Housing and community stakeholders. This committee will partner with the
necessary agencies and organizations to develop a viable financing plan to
implement this component.

The Housing Committee will review options for revitalization, including,
costs, neighborhood impact and design. The committee will also designate a
suitable replacement housing plan and identify mobility strategies and
relocation plans and develop a viable financing plan to implement the
Housing component.

The Cross-Cutting Committees will inform each of the above committees on
prevalent information to the planning process. The Resident Engagement team
is necessary to build upon the community’s vision. The Data & Technology
committee will ground this vision in facts, while Communications will make
the information available to both community members and partners.


*Shaneece Childress*
District Manager

*Fresno Housing Authority*
1331 Fulton Mall
Fresno, California 93721
(800) 735-2929 TTY

*Vibrant Communities. Quality Housing. Engaged Residents.*

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