Stakeholder Spread Sheet and Fundraising

Posted On 18 May, 2018

We heard the stories from leaders and guests’ speakers who came and spoke to us about researching donors and shared on how to do an asking. But we also have Dr. Jendian and Dr. Simmons who invest in us and remind us to send thank you cards to those who make a difference for the Humanics Program. They provide hands-on experience and information that I have never been able to obtain in my entire career. This opportunity takes me to even developing a stakeholder spreadsheet to conduct an asking and help raise money to award a grant and help with sending scholars to an AFP conference. I was so nervous, but the book, “Let’s Have Lunch Together”, really helped. I was able to help sell over 55 coupon books with a help of my team of networking. Esmeralda Aguado an Alumni of Fresno State and my husband Manuel Avila. Both were not aware of the Humanics program, but once I became a part as a scholar they learned and were on board to help in selling the coupon books. We even have a list ready for the next sale and hope to double the sales with our networking connections. This will also help with future funding for AFP conference, which I had the opportunity to attend this year. I am invested because I believe in the cause and what it stands for. I am part of the Humanics program, which has truly been a blessing and an honor. So, when you believe in the cause, then the asking is easy. I also learned to get to know donors and build a relationship. We should not just treat them as an ATM machine. Learn about capacity and see what area of interest they might want to help in. Volunteering can be worth more and lead to a donation later or a lifetime of friendship. I was challenged to network and do an ask that I never thought possible. Fundraising is not easy, but the first step is to ask and LOVE the mission you represent. I was able to assist in helping out with a silent auction as well. Thank you to everyone who purchased a coupon book from us and to everyone who contributes to the Humanics program, as a guest speaker, coach, lecturer, volunteer, donor, mentor or guest at the events we host. You are valued and appreciated.



Written by sasha2017

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