More than an Internship

Posted On 8 May, 2018

As a Humanics student, we have the opportunity to intern with a local CBO. I chose the Art of Life Cancer Foundation. Not realizing that I would be entering a chapter of my life where I experience professional growth, build strong relationships and be impacted by cancer.


During my time at the Art of Life Cancer Foundation, I was challenged to take on tasks that I had only learned about in class. But, I was encouraged on a daily by Jenelle Higton (Executive Director) that everything I had learned in the classroom could be used and applied during my time there.

The confidence I grew was because she believed in my abilities and always ask for my opinion. I mattered!

When you serve next to someone who has the same passion for helping others allows you to create a strong relationship and admire one another. Before, serving at the Art of Life Cancer Foundation I had only heard stories about how cancer had impacted people’s lives.  After being a part of this organization working side by side with cancer survivors I put a face to those stories.


Because of those stories, the survivors, and my time at the Art of Life Cancer Foundation I have been impacted by Cancer.


Written by evelyn13

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