It All Started With Humanics

Posted On 11 May, 2018

The end of the road has come as I anxiously wait to walk the stage at my graduation ceremony. I never thought this day would come. Some semesters have been tougher than others. But I can say that through Humanics@FresnoState I saw the most personal growth in myself. When I began the program I was terrified and even more so when I heard “group project.” When I was first introduced to Dr. Jendian he encouraged me to consider Humanics. I let the time pass and I realized that what sparked my interest the most was CBO work. I finally took it upon myself to walk into Dr. Jendian’s office and walked out with a special major and a new outlook on life. Through the many Humanics courses I have gained many skills that have benefited me today. The group projects have taught me to be patient, how to lead, to be assertive, and most of all has helped me gain professionalism. I have had the pleasure of working with several local CBO’s such as Art of Life Cancer Foundation, Focus Forward, Friends of the Auberry Library,and Friends of the Fresno County Library. Through working with all these organizations I have¬† met many professionals along the way that have influenced my passion for CBO work. I also gained an amazing mentor, Margarita Rocha, executive director of Centro La Familia. I loved what her agency did, so much that I began an internship with their MAP Program. A few months into my internship it turned into a paid opportunity. I am now a MAP navigator and soon will be able to see clients of my own. I went from being a stressed out student to being a professional in a great a agency. I am very optimistic about my future and will strive to always be open to learn something new. My journey in the CBO world began with Humanics and I will forever be a proud Humanics Alumni.

Written by patticor

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