Great Teams Do It All Together

Posted On 11 May, 2018

Reflecting back on my spring semester, I have many great memories with my team. During my time in Soc 187S (Entrepreneurial Approaches for Sustainable CBOs) my team had the opportunity to work with Friends of the Fresno County Library (FOL) in creating a work plan to help them build a more diverse younger board. Seems pretty straight forward but we wanted to provide FOL with as much information as possible. We utilized Board Source throughout our process of brainstorming and to help guide our work plan. A little side note, I would highly recommend all CBOs who are looking for extra resources to subscribe to Board Source. The amount of information you can find is really unbelievable. You can find it all here, from worksheets, presentations, and endless templates. During our time working on this project I learned many things. For starters, change is really difficult for individuals but especially tougher for organizations. With changes going on all around us I believe it is crucial that organizations be open to change to meet the demand of their audience or clients. In the case of FOL, change can really be a determining factor of recruiting new board members. For example, a younger board may prefer utilizing more technology. Board members have to be open to this idea and willing to learn how they can enhance their technology skills.  My group I feel was a great mixture of perspectives and helped move the work plan along. The times we spent together were very enjoyable and enlightening as we tried to get to know one another. I definitely appreciated having a coach through this process, Joan, who took time out of her days to meet up with us and discuss anything and everything. What I took from this project was that CBOs can create sustainability when they recognize that they may need help to continue growing.

Written by patticor

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