Posted On 18 May, 2018

This semester I had the opportunity to gain more knowledge on learning about the Humanics Sustainable Partnerships Project and what it had to offer by getting practical hands-on-experience in management consulting with a community benefit organization. That was a major highlight for me during the semester. My team worked together as a group to develop a work plan for Fresno County Public Library – Friends of Fresno County Public Library (FOL) for Board Development with a focus on emerging a diverse board. The team consisted of four other Humanics scholars, Eric Martinez, team leader, Jennifer Kenyon, Elio Santos, Patti Cortes and Joan Hensleit-Minasian our team consulting coach. In class, we were introduced to reading material from “Nonprofit Sustainability” and “The Entrepreneurial Nonprofit” books. They provided a stepping stone on our project and information to guide us on our consulting journey. In addition, there were other resources such as “Sharing Resources” on Creating the Future, “Shared Value” by Michael Porter, Hildy Gottlieb TED Talk, AFP luncheons, ArtHop, Pecha Kucha presentations and multiple material for discussion boards that also provided information for our project and developed our knowledge on CBOs, philanthropy and being an entrepreneurial.

Written by sasha2017

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