2 CineCulture happenings on Th, May 10 & Fri, 5/11 regarding Oaxaca

Posted On 8 May, 2018

*Two Events: May 10 & 11: Exhibition Peolota Mixteca Game and Film
Screening: Pasajuego: Ethnography, Migration and Identity throughout the
Game of Pelota Mixteca*

*Thursday, May 10, 6:30 pm at Fresno State O’Neil Park: Exhibition Pelota
Mixteca game to be played, featuring traditional Folklore dancers from
Oaxaca Mexico *

*Courtesy Parking Code for May 10: 261803*

*Friday, May 11, 5:30 pm, Film Screening: Pasajuego: **Ethnography,
Migration and Identity of the Oaxacan Peoples throughout the Game of Pelota
Mixteca. **Peter’s Education Center Auditorium west of Save Mart Center in
the Student Recreation Center Building) *

*Discussant: Daniel Oliveras de Ita (Director)*

In the southern state of Oaxaca, México, *Pasajuego* is the name of the
court where the ancient indigenous game of *Pelota Mixteca* is played.
*Pasajuego* is a visual ethnography about the migration of Oaxacan workers
to urban centers of Mexico and the U.S. In this story the game of *Pelota
Mixteca*, acts as a window to look through the lives of the Oaxacan people
at their migration destinations. The practice of *Pelota Mixteca* in
different contexts reflects the lives of those who play the game, and shows
how culture travels with them when they migrate. It tells the story of the
players, shows the solidarity between* paisanos,* the cooperation systems
among different regions of Oaxaca, Mexico and the U.S., and takes the
audience through the diaspora of these migrants. This documentary film aims
to capture the community contexts in which the game is carried out, and the
ability of Oaxacan people to recreate their communities of origin on the
other side of the border. In this journey the locations are condensed into
one to describe *Pasajuego* as an embassy with diverse cultural
expressions, geographically dispersed but unified by practice, cooperation
and exchange between Oaxacan communities. Today at least two million
Oaxacans live in the United States. This is the story of their ballgame,
now taking root throughout the U.S. In Spanish, English, and Zapotec with
English subtitles. 75 minutes.

Sponsors: The Consulate of Mexico in Fresno, The College of Arts and
Humanities, The College of Social Sciences, the Department of Chicano &
Latin American Studies, M.E.Ch.A and M.O.L.E.

All films screened on campus are free and open to the public. Parking is
not enforced after 4 p.m. on Fridays.

CineCulture is a film series provided as a service to Fresno State campus
students, faculty, and staff, and community. CineCulture is also offered as
a 3 unit academic course (MCJ 179) in the Mass Communication and Journalism
Department. CineCulture fulfills General Education Integration Area
Multicultural International (MI).

CineCulture Club promotes cultural awareness through film and
post-screening discussions.
Fresno State encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its
programs and activities. If you anticipate needing any type of
accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided, please
contact us in advance to your participation.

For further information about CineCulture: cineculture.csufresno.edu/
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