Posted On 11 May, 2018

This semester has come to a close and it was one of the best experiences I have had in humanics. The class that I took this semester was Sociology 187s, which was Entrepreneurial approaches to sustainable community benefit organizations. We gave a presentation on May 7th to our class and other organizations within the community. It was a very inspiring day because people liked our ideas to help keep the Marjaree Mason Center sustainable and help them keep their program going. I felt my group meshed very well together and able to finish the workplan before it was due. It was a very stressful semester because we started late on the process, but over time we developed a work plan with strategies to keep the Marjaree Mason’s program KnowMore sustainable. It was a relief to finish the workplace and able to present our ideas to the class and community.

I would have to say having Peter Robertson as a coach for our project was a valuable experience. He gave us great advice and was able to keep us on track throughout the process. I enjoyed having him as a coach because he was always comical. I felt comfortable and able to contribute to the conversation. I liked how he gave up time, so we were able to finish the project even though he did have a busy schedule. I was happy to be able to get to know him more and able to look to him as a mentor.

I enjoyed being in a team with these people for many reasons. I was happy to get to know them during the course of the semester. I felt we bonded so much through the semester and I wanted to go to meetings. I  felt we were able to produce a great project. We came up with a great workplan that hopefully helps the Marjaree Mason Center.

Written by kdm55

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